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We are here to build foundations mental, physical and spiritual. We offer amazingly powerful Mind & Body programs to achieve enhanced health, well-being and inner peace. It is suitable for all ages.

Our method combining Zen Meditation, Energy Cultivation & Movements, Tai Chi and a very special Chinese swordsmanship that past down secretly helps you to proceed to body rejuvenation and deep levels of spiritual refinement.

Our masters, teachers and students experience a transformative process that honors and shares the wisdom and secrets past down from the old (ancient) masters. Our goal is to see you become focussed with sincerity and purpose, to take that focus and expand it to responsibility and truth, the wisdom that can be attained through our practice of Static and Dynamic Meditation.

The mental training and Qi cultivation is to open your eye to the world of true martial art and energy. Begins with the foundation and dedication found in our programs.

According to Chinese tradition, Jian-Shu(劍術) is compared to the level of a doctoral degree. The difference is the understanding, the mind reaching a certain level of high virtue, then one can learn Jian-Shu(劍術).



-- Class Schedule --

9:00am ~ 10:00am Every other Saturday
Taichi Qigong Meditation
10:00am ~ 11:00am Every other Saturday
Scholar Warrior Program
Breathing Exercise, Energy Cultivation, Taichi, Xingyiquan, Ba-Ji Chuan & Chinese Beginning Swordsmanship
for Adult & Children ages 7 & UP

Please Call
to schedule first meetup.

Group Individual Teaching Style
One Free Trial Class

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Diamond Bar, California

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-- Wellness Services --

Rejuvenation Qi Therapy